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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 22, 2017 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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good evening. we are going to get to the free speech week in a moment. trump stirred up controversy during a rally in alabama tonight. criticized the nfl players who kneel during the national anthem saying they should be fired. he called them as obese.>> some
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owner is going to do that. he is going to say that guy that disrespects our flag is fired. that owner they don't know it. they are friends of mine many of them. they will be the most popular person for a. >> president trump did not single out any one in particular. many players responded to the comments on twitter. buccaneers safety tj ward said the president's remarks give more reason to protest and detroit lions players said the president should stick to politics. coming up later member of the golden state warriors are asked if they would accept an invitation to visit trump at the white house. you will hear how they answer the question coming up. i ran showed off a ballistic missile in defiance of trump's threat to back out of the nuclear deal with the country.
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then missile has a medium range of 1200 miles and can carry multiple warheads. it was displayed during a military parade. earlier this week trump called the 2015 nuclear deal and embarrassment to the u.s. and suggested he might back out of the agreement. the president of iran had this response. >> we will boost our defensive in military power to the extent deemed necessary. we will not seek permission from anyone to defend our country and our land. >> iran's new missile has a long enough range to hit israel. like president trump israeli prime minister had made it clear he too opposes the deal with iran. new developments in a nuclear tension with north korea. china announced it is setting limits on the oil supply to the north. it could be a significant move as the u.s. imposes stricter sanctions against north korea.
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north korea is threatening to test a hydrogen bomb in the pacific which would be considered a major provocation. tonight president trump again mocked the leader calling him rocket man. after the north korean leader called president trump in salida range. -- mentally deranged. rescue crews in mexico -- time is running short to find survivors. in the ruins that destroyed buildings. it is day four of the search for those missing. the magnitude 7 point one quake on tuesday. the death toll has risen to 293. than half of victims were killed in mexico city. families of the missing have been camping out in tents near collapsed buildings. where their loved ones are believed to be trapped waiting for any word of their fate. >> it is difficult because my brother was there three days ago. it is difficult.
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all the family is there. waiting for him. >> today authorities said they would only begin that using heavy equipment to clear buildings when they are sure there are no signs of life. arizona senator john mccain says he will vote no on the latest attempt to repeal obama care. leaders are hoping to hold a vote next week on the ground cassidy bill before a critical deadline at the end of the month. lauren blanchard's life with the latest.>> reporter: all of that the president did talk about while he was back on the so-called campaign trail. this time in alabama to stump for his republican choice in a runoff primary election. the president did pledge to support whoever wins and goes on to face the democrat in december. >> i am here tonight to ask the good people of alabama to send
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luther strange to the united states senate so he can defend your interest flight for your values and always put america first.>> reporter: rallying support for senator luther strange. the former state attorney general appointed to the senate when jeff sessions was appointed u.s. attorney general. >> i think you will kick everyone's butt.>> reporter: his agenda testing -- facing a test as john mccain announces he is breaking away from republicans. yet again on their last ditch effort to pass a bill on healthcare. that would fulfill the promise to repeal and replace obamacare. in a statement mccain said i cannot in good conscious vote for the graham cassidy proposal. >> he decided to do something different. and that is fine. i say we still have a chance. we are going to do it eventually. but mac the president pledging america would be protected against the north korean leader
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who he has given a new nickname. >> we cannot have mad men out there shooting rockets all over the place. and by the way. rocket man should have been handled a long time ago.>> reporter: all this is the president's controversial travel ban is set to expire on sunday. it is expected to be replaced with a more targeted version focused on specific countries. three people stabbed during a brawl at a moving company in san jose. it happened before noon. police say they are not sure what kind of weapons were used. they did detain five people. witnesses saw a dozen employees run into the parking lot including the people who was stabbed. >> there was a gentleman walking back who appeared to have been stabbed. he had blood on his shirt. there was another guy with the
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employees that had blood on his shirt. >> the stabbing victims were transported to the hospital. none of the injuries are life- threatening. authorities say they are reviewing video because it shows the entire fight. the search is on for the hit and run driver killed a popular san francisco rosary store owner this morning. as he was buying produce in the bayview district. henry lee spoke with the friends of the victim and his son who want justice.>> reporter: gus was killed at 2:15 am when he was hit outside san francisco wholesale produce market on gerald avenue in the bayview. the driver of the car never stopped. please are checking to see whether the car is linked to a shooting that happened a few blocks away before the crash. >> i cannot confirm that there is any relations to the two incidents. there was a pedestrian collision that occurred around 2:17 am. there was a shooting that occurred to 12 in the morning.
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>> news of the death spread quickly with condolences from customers as well as supervisor. and the mayor. the victim owned two other neighborhood markets in seven cisco. -- san francisco. his sons help to run the stores. >> he loved his work. he did it for 43 years. he operated his own stores for almost 37 years. he loved going to the produce and selecting produce. and working with him and our buyers to make sure our customers and our employees have the best resources.>> reporter: he had a message for anyone holding back what they know. >> please come forward. it won't help to bring him back. it might help bring justice. for all of us. who are morning him.>> reporter: friends and customers cannot believe he is gone. >> impossible to comprehend.
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2:30 am. to lose a pillar of the community. it is very difficult. >> if you wanted to know how to live a life you learned by gus. he did everything right. he was always willing to help people. just a great human being. it is a tragedy. what happened. >> reporter: the car involved described as a silver sedan with damage to the front and and windshield. give san francisco a call with information. uc berkeley free-speech week is already down one headliner. it hasn't begun. and coulter says she is not going to attend. she told us berkley does not deserve to hear her speech. the event organizer milo yiannopoulos said the event will still go on. starting this sunday despite suggestions it might fizzle out. he plans to hold a news conference tomorrow to announce the speakers attending.
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we will get more on this from deborah the cow campus where protests are planned.>> reporter: protest starting tomorrow. going all the way through wednesday. it is still fluid. who is going to show up to speak ringleader milo yiannopoulos was at the home.>> -- at the house. rieti night fun. asocial for black students and alumni. there is another -- at uc berkeley. political argument. inescapable. >> this student was sharing his views with us when a left-wing act -- activist challenged him. >> this is an unsettled campus. but mac they are ready for renewed attention. with a security plan similar to the lockdown for speaker ben shapiro. free-speech week seems to be in
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freefall. >> we have not heard from a single one of these other speakers. if they don't confirm we will be ready.>> reporter: liberal ideas are so fragile they must be protected. like a faberge egg.>> reporter: and coulter is out. she never got a contract to sign.>> embarrassing all around for liberals. i'm glad i can wash my hands of it. >> this video from milo yiannopoulos betrays his appearance as a showdown. after a riot in february forced him to flee the student union. >> the administrations have tried everything to derail free- speech week.>> reporter: he plans a press conference on saturday to lay out the lineup. >> if they cancel the event it is bad press for them. if we cancel the event we look like a bunch of cowards.>> reporter:>> everything right now is one giant mess.
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i promise you free-speech week is happening. but mac that has opponents planning rallies the next few days as well. with no pledge of nonviolence. >> we will do what is necessary in order to -- defend members of our community.>> reporter: calling for a community turnout.>> that means they recognize they are more isolated. more hated. we are not going to let them come together at berkeley and turned it into another charlottesville.>> >> reporter: because organizers miss deadlines speeches will be outdoors only. the plaza is reserved tuesday evening for david horowitz. wednesday evening for milo yiannopoulos. those will be ticketed events to avoid a free for all. security estimate is $1 million and counting. i first went
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to my -- i'm not alone. >> a group of firefighters stepping up for children suffered severe burn injuries. the bay area teenagers selected to attend their camp. here in san francisco tonight friends honor the memory of a popular drag queen was shot and killed. they are demanding justice. i am tracking the weekend forecast. let's talk about saturday and sunday. which day will be the warmest and how warm it will be. ♪ because everyone likes easy. sure do. because everyone is on the go. because we all like to save energy, but sometimes we slip up. reaching up. ssssh! because sometimes we want it cool at night,
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a rally to demand justice for a drag queen shot and killed two weeks ago. friends and supporters of the man known as bubbles gathered demanding action from police to saw the killing. amber is that city hall where they held the rally.>> reporter: friends of the drag queen say they are his family. they are asking police to find and arrest his killer.>> about 100 people chanted bubbles. the name -- anthony gave himself. >> i'm feeling upset. it is just hard to lose a friend. i've known him for many years.>> reporter: a memorial marks the spot where he was shot and killed two weeks ago. the suspect walked out of a strip club and chased the bubbles across the street and shot and killed him. he was steps from his
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apartment. there are many surveillance cameras in the area. no arrests have been made. no one is safe. as long as bubbles killer is still out there. >> i'm feeling hurt and pain. like all of my friends are feeling. i just want to feel safe.>> reporter: they are demanding police solve the case quickly. they describe him as a nonconformist will encourage others to express themselves freely. >> he was someone that was himself. at all times. that was not ashamed to be loud and proud.>> reporter: the flamboyant picture with dj music on the streets they suspect his attitude about who he was might be a motive for his killing. they see it as a hate crime. >> there needs to be answers. somebody needs to answer for this. >> police have identified a person of interest. they are not releasing details.
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it takes time for investigators to follow leads and evidence.>> homicide investigations are complicated. you have one chance to do it right and get it right.>> reporter: friends have started a petition to put pressure on the mayor to bring his killer to justice. they say police are too quick to say the killing is not a hate crime. >> he has been a lightning rod of controversy. he has been around town. >> reporter: after the rally friends gathered at a club to dance in his memory. they say a favorite expression of his was shut up and dance. i like that expression. hurricane maria is causing problems in puerto rico where officials are rushing to evacuate 70,000 people living downstream from a failing dam. more than 15 inches of rain in
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the region of the island causing the reservoir to overflow. tonight more than 80% of the islands phone and internet cables are down. nearly all residents are without power. new york governor visited puerto rico today and promised to send supplies. >> a lot of puerto ricans in new york who cannot contact family members. they don't know how they are. they hear there are -- there are a number of deaths. >> 27 deaths are blamed on this hurricane. it is headed to the bahamas as a category 3 with 125 wind speeds. first partial day of fall. it happened today 1:02 pm. the sun's rays were directly over the equator. that is the equinox. tomorrow is the first full day of fall. we get into a fault like pattern. temperatures are warm. back into the low 80s. sunday may be some upper 80s.
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monday and tuesday some 90s. it is going to increase the temperatures. it is going to feel like fall. overnight lows have been getting down. it is cold right now. some areas in the north bay in the upper 40s. it is going to be a chilly night tonight. we have 54 nevada. 60 san francisco. these overnight lows are going to be down. they will be chilly. maybe some frost. the bay bridge there is no fault to speak of. tomorrow will be a stunning day. overnight lows 42 napa. 52 oakland. 49 fairfield. cold to get going on saturday. 70s and low 80s. the city of santa cisco unveiled a sparkling new affordable housing project today. the building of 588 mission bay boulevard. the type of housing that is needed all over the bay area. what it offers and introduces
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us to some of the lucky residents.>> reporter: he can hardly believe his luck. two months ago he and his wife immigrants from tunisia living in san francisco tenderloin neighborhood.>> she did not like the place. it was so noisy. it is not safe.>> reporter: an amazon worker his wife an employee at mcdonald's entered an online affordable housing lottery to live in the mission bay district. >> mission bay.>> >> reporter: today city leaders unveiled the 200 unit building with two bass courtyards a fitness center and 10,000 square feet of retail space. >> i'm proud we were able to accomplish this housing project. >> reporter: most of the units are for families of four with the combined income of less
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than $50,000. >> unless there is something wrong in your dna you have to feel good about that. when you see kids and families who you know have struggled. to be in the city at all.>> reporter: related to the chinese community development corporation were in charge of developing the $75 million project. funding was provided by the city and use the fs which will give units to families of ill children treated at the nearby hospital. >> i went through an eviction with my family.>> reporter: it was a project close to the reverence hard. >> is in a beautiful? the bathroom was bigger than a chinatown sro. >> he agrees he says 588 literally gave him a new lease on life. >> he says he pays about $1500 a month for his two bedroom place. in the tenderloin he was paying $1200 for a one-bedroom. he is now studying computer
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science. he hopes to start his own family someday and by his own home. still to come a proposed bill that would repeal the statewide gas tax. the major victory for backers of the measure before of a judge in sacramento. mark will tell us about his home run milestone in our expanded sports segment. too close for comfort. a driver shaken after metal debris slammed with their windshield. narrowly missing the occupants inside. details after the break. brea
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salvage divers were working at the port of oakland trying to locate shipping containers that fell from a cargo ship. 11 containers fell in the water
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yesterday afternoon. several were retrieved. six of them sank in the channel. the divers are trying to pinpoint them 50 feet down. they will be removed by a crane. each one weighs 5000 pounds. all of them were empty. there is no risk of contamination. it is unclear what caused them to fall. the coast guard is investigating. a very close call for a driver on interstate 880 in oakland. the oakland chp posted photos on facebook. of metal debris that came loose from a vehicle when -- went hurling to the air and came crashing through the windshield of a mercedes. no one was in the passenger seat. see the two dogs in the backseat were all right. the driver was shaken. but was not hurt. palo alto hewlett-packard is preparing to cut 5000 jobs or about 10% of the workforce to lower costs. the positions will be eliminated at the end of the
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year. hewlett-packard says this will likely affect employees in the u.s. and overseas including managers. hewlett-packard has a goal of saving 1 1/2 billion dollars over a three-year period. to san francisco's cattle car lines is going out of service for one week. they can replace a gearbox. starting today the california line is being serviced by buses. crews replace the gearbox that runs for miles of steel cable under california street. they will be replaced on the powell and mason lines. one line at a time. the transit director told us people concerned about missing a cable car ride don't need to worry. >> the california line will be down for eight days. the other three lines remain available. people who come to san francisco with the expectation to ride one of the cable cars will be able to do so. >> john haley said work on the
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gearboxes will continue on the cable car lines in the next five years. i don't want to go.>> seth curry -- steph curry laying it out on the table. why he doesn't want to celebrate the title of the white house.>> a camp and to help victims of severe burns. the firefighters stepping up to help in the teenager that has been selected to go. oh, you brought butch.
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love is out there. find it in a subaru crosstrek. bay area teenager has been selected to attend a special camp in washington dc for children who survived burn injuries. the honor and why this camp is like no other in the nation.>> reporter: the international association of firefighters had 55 camps nationwide and in canada. one child from each camp is chosen to attend the national camp. this year and alameda student was selected.>> friday was packing day for a trip of a lifetime.>> i'm really excited.>> reporter: and honor for a 15-year-old from -- from alameda. who is been any lifelong battle. >> i was burned at 15 months.


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